What If...

Pictures and Gestures could unlock Worlds of resources and love?

They Can and Do.

In these times of instant communication and rapid response, our ability to recognize and access our deeper knowing is needed more than ever. Symbols, pictures and gestures connect the dots in ways that words cannot. Using imagery and embodiment as its own language is vital magic. New vision is key.

My work as a Creative Advocate is based on the foundation of pattern recognition through Tarot and the profound visual communication of the body. Some call this work psychic or creative brainstorming. I view this symbolic and physical language as portals to potential...to the Creative Unknown.




  • Tarot Readings that are both practical and psychic
  • Innovative Coaching / Mentoring
  • Creative Team Building
  • Visual Communication Support for your work
  • Rituals that serve a lifetime
  • Multi Media Storytelling of the wild
  • Creative Workshops and Presentations

The world is calling you to get real.